Our Message

    Dear Researchers and Academicians,

    First-hand documents that would shed light to Türkiye’s history as well as to a wider world, concerning the period between 1919 to 2001, are being digitized through the Digital Archives Project, whose third stage has been completed. The Digital Archives Project is one of the most comprehensive archive projects of our Republic.

    The aim of this Project is to preserve, in line with modern archiving standards, the archival materials that enlighten us on Turkish Foreign Policy, as well as on political, economic, social and cultural matters worldwide; to enable fast, secure and easy access to documents in digitized form; and to make archival materials available for public and researchers, through the State Archives system and through our publications.

    The Archives of our Ministry has been included, along other institutions, in the scope of the Presidential Decree Nr. 11, dated 16 July 2018, within the context of the Presidential system of Government. In line with this, works are underway to connect our diplomatic archives to the “Document Search System” for Researchers and the “State Archives Network”. Thanks to these works, the research applications will be conducted via the State Archives system.

    Wishing you all the best of success in your endeavours, we thank you for visiting our website.